FIFA 20 / 21 Nintendo Switch coins

The Nintendo switch is a gameconsole made by the famous Japanese company Nintendo. It was released on the 3rd of march in 2017. It is a mix of a handheld computer and a home console. It is mainly designed as a console to be used at home. In the summer of 2017 EA announced that FIFA 19 will be released on the Switch. It is the first time in many years that we can play FIFA on a new console. The sales of cheap Nintendo Switch coins will rise in the end of september when FIFA 19 is released. FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Switch edition, will be playable on the console too and not to long time ago EA launched FIFA 21.


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FIFA 20, built for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch FIFA 19 coinsEA, also known as Electronic Arts, is proud to announce FIFA 19 on the new console. They have built a special versions for the Switch. This way you can play FIFA your way. With brand new custom designed single and multiplayer modus they have created a new FIFA experience. They call it the best FIFA experience ever. With the advanced Nintendo Switch controller you can play FIFA 20Ultimate Team the right way. All the famous FIFA modus are available on the console. Online you will have to get FIFA 19 coins Nintendo Switch to build your dream team from scratch.


Immersive gameplay on the Switch

On the official Nintendo website you can read the latest FIFA 19 Switch news. We like the quote:

“With advanced rendering technology, FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch delivers an unparalleled experience. The product boasts a full 1080p on TV and 720p on handheld, delivering authentic football atmospheres, no matter where you play. Experience brand-new pitch environments, unique physically based rendering for all characters, and new gameplay mechanics.”

You can see that Nintendo focusses a lot on the game and made lots of efforts to make the game as flawless as possible. The official slogan is: “Your FIFA, your way”. You can play the new soccer game on multiple devices through the Switch:

  • Docked
  • Tabletop
  • Local Multiplayer connection (we like this one)
  • Handheld


Other FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch modes

They also made multiple game modes just for the Nintendo Switch to make the game a complete experience with not much difference between the games.

  • Switch Kick Off: You can pick up your Nintendo Switch and just play a game with your favorite teams; offline or online.
  • Local Seasons: If you want to play against or with a friend you can start a simple season with 5 matches. All the scores are saved. So if you want to keep track of how many times you have scored against a friend, you can rub it in.
  • Career mode: Just like the modus on PlayStation, Xbox and mobile, you can take control of your favourite team and get them to the top.
  • Woman’s International Cup: Last year EA added the womans league in the game. This year it is also playable on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Skill games: You can focus on getting better in the game or try out the latest FIFA 19 skill moves.
  • Online seasons: Just like the offline seasons against a friend, you can play with all the other online players in the world



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