Every year you can already build your Ultimate Team a few days in advance through the Web App. Since Wednesday night the FIFA 18 Web App is live and players have already been able to open their first packages.

Fans of the game are eagerly awaiting the Web App every year, so that the players can already build their Ultimate Team. On the Web App you can actually do almost anything you can do on your console, except playing games. So you can open packs, buy players, customize your team and much more.

Is there anything new about the FIFA 18 Web App?

Hell yes! This year you can also do the Squad Building Challenges via your browser and not just via your console or telephone. You can also find one of the new features of Ultimate Team on the Web App, the daily challenges. So do not have time for a game of FIFA, but you want to manage your Ultimate Team quickly? Then you go to the Web App or download the FIFA 18 Companion App for your phone.

Also new this year is the start of your Ultimate Team. Previous years you were automatically assigned everything yourself. Logo, home language and entertainment, but from now on you can choose this yourself. EA introduces you nine logos, nine home kits and nine uitueues. You can choose one in each of these categories. And voila, there’s your club!


Every year at the launch of the Web App something went wrong, but this year everything went reasonably smoothly. Where you in the previous years sometimes kicked off the server is that this year not the case. If there is a mistake, just refresh your browser. Everything has to work again!

FIFA Points

FIFA Points can not be added via the Web App this year, this can only be done on the system where you play the game. However, you can already add FIFA Points via EA Access on the Xbox One and publish these on the Web App.

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